Write a thousand luminous secrets
Upon the wall of existence
So that even a blind man will know
Where we are,
And join us in this love!


The Manifesto

You never step in the same poem twice. Our poetry is as fragile as the twoply with which we wipe our ass, and the greatest of our ideas is not immune to the inexorable process that is rottingdroppingseedingsproutingblooming. We must celebrate this glorious fact and never seek to ossify anything. Let us fight these forces of stagnation and constipation in the very place that we are daily reminded of the necessity of elimination. This place that we label sordid, where we both finish and being the process of digestion and nourishment, is actually the place where our best thinking (which is to say, our best stinking) is done.

As soon as words come from our mouths or ooze from our pens, they start the process of decay. Let us honor this by writing them over and again on the thousands of sheets of paper that we find. Write, tomes and tomes of toilet paper. We make our Word sacred through sharing, through tearing, through flushing, and daily offering part of our heart back to soil.

One who thinks this is a mere scatological blasphemy does not appreciate the revolutionary significance of bringing poetry to our toilets, or the spiritual significance of embracing the beauty of each flush we make, of each piece of our Selves that we drop into the dark abyss of sewage. We are fertilizing these poem seeds with each wipe, spreading our heart with each fart, our Word with each terd.

No space is immune to potential beauty, including our own toilets and anuses. Every space an aesthetic space.

Little bombs of our poetry that touch our most intimate parts and become part of us, and we part of them.

This will be co-opted very soon; we will all be able to buy little rolls of toilet paper with clever quotes on each sheet, or business logos and websites, even whole books (wiping our ass with the book of Job, or Whitman's Leaves of Ass). The last pure white space with no advertisements is soon to be gone (this ass wipe has been brought to you by Cingular wireless!)

But, Poets and artists, we must beat them to the punch. Write, write, write on these miles of clear white space, and willingly choose to have your masterpieces shat on and then flushed into oblivion. The Buddha will rejoice! Our best words and ideas in the end are nothing more than sewage anyhow! Let go of even your ideas! The revolution begins in the bathroom stall in that one place that we all still share, this sacred porcelain place that knows no class difference, does not discriminate by race or creed, and accepts all that is put into it unconditionally! Blacks, Whites, Jews, Christians, Arabs, Poor, Rich, Male and Female... let us exploit the only truly democratic aspect of our lives, let all have the opportunity taste these momentary gems that you leave them, these toilet paper tomes! You have a captive audience!


These are suggestions; the last the thing we want to do is put some rigid set of rules on this project.

1. Keep poetry short. Much better to have a short nuclear explosion of a poem than to write a novel. Remember, people are captive only for a few moments, so give them something they will be able to fully read and digest. Perhaps 2-3 sheets at most. Haikus and short quotes are acceptable. Subject mattere dealing with ephemerality and impernanence are especially apropos.

2. Periodically write the link to the "toilet paper tome" website on a few sheets...so we can spread the movement.

3. Try not to be to base or offensive. We want to invite people into the movement and not repulse them. They are already in a somewhat repulsing and vulnerable position as is.

Please send pics of your rolls, but try not to be too "clinging" to what you write. Part of the point is to exercise letting go, both the reader and the writer. We must offer our best work to be consciously shat upon and then flushed. Only by doing this will we even begin to come close to liberation.

Also, tell us your stories. What paper is best to write on (ironic that the best paper to write on is usually the harshest on the ass), what pens work best, where you have left some of your rolls...


Ours souls,
flushed. Spiraling
to subtarranean Home.
Peace in the depths of refuse.
Shit becoming fertilizer becoming flower
becoming fruit becoming nourishment
becoming shit.

Leave all behind.
Meditate daily upon waste.
The ways we waste...
time, energy, space.
Part of health is
regular shitting.
We will never be able
to eliminate it all.

Take five deep breaths
and think about who you
have disrespected.

Write a postcard today
to someone who has helped you
in a time of need.